Beacon School and the Education in the 21st Century
The cornerstone of Beacon School was set when our Early Childhood Education Center opened its doors in February 2010. Three years later, we had the privilege to announce the opening of Beacon Elementary School, our second Education Center.

The school thrived. Sixteen children started this journey with us. Today, seven years later, six hundred and eigth children come to Beacon School every day to be welcomed by a teaching team of over ninety professionals. And yet, its initial essence is maintained with coherence: we are a bilingual school, offering an international education with a Brazilian identity. Notwithstanding the changes in perspective and behaviors of today´s society, we continue to believe our student is a citizen in the making, who in twenty years time, will have the capability to work within the community and for the community.

Therefore, Beacon School believes that the role of the school is to go beyond the curriculum, for what is at stake is the development of human beings. With this responsibility, Beacon School encourages its students to value cooperation and awareness. A cooperative and caring individual who is confident in his ability and duty to contribute and share his knowledge, will be able to give his stake in the social environment and will certainly be in a better condition to attain his autonomy.

The autonomous individual, endowed with ethical awareness, is capable of making and answering for his choices. He is heard and perceived, is able to establish relationships, interact in groups, enrich himself with diversity and develop social skills.

Diversity is, therefore, an essential element in this process. Familiarity with a heterogeneous group offers our Brazilian students a unique opportunity for discovery and awareness of other cultures, whilst our international students also benefit from a Brazilian experience. Currently we have families that represent twelve different nationalities in our school and children are able to enjoy this harmonious relationship in the school routine under the guidance of teachers.

Nowadays youngsters are exposed to an enormous amount of information and have access to a variety of communication channels. This calls for a teacher who also has an advisory role, and is a mentor in the process of transforming information into knowledge and developing values and attitudes. Beacon School created an Educational School Board as an advisory group that will stimulate reflections on more global aspects of Education and position itself according to what the school believes the future will hold.

Learning to reason ethically with critical consciousness is a key point in the formative process of the individual. A faculty with excellent academic background, relevant work experience that is committed to a continuous professional development, allows Beacon School to carry out the task of educating youngsters with great motivation, responsibility and confidence.