Beacon School Campus

It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce the Beacon School Campus, as planned and promised to the school community.

Located on a 11,800 m2 plot of land in Vila Leopoldina, and with its inauguration foreseen for 2018, Beacon Campus will be developed through the exchange of ideas among educators, architects, engineers, and parents. The architectonic project, is being developed by Andrade Morettin Architects.

Our Campus will be an educational environment that will place the student as the center and reflect essential elements of the school’s culture. A place that fosters relationships and promotes the interaction among all those who share the space.

A vast campus endowed with plenty of natural light, that will allow for multifunctional and flexible spaces. Rich greenery should permeate the outside areas with trees and woods, playgrounds, and squares.

Beacon students will be able to practice sports to the fullest, whether in the covered gymnasium, or on the soccer ground or sports courts. In the field of Arts, the school should have facilities beyond the atelier and the music classroom. We will offer a Performing Arts Center!

The current concepts of Library, Media Center or Learning Center blend with one other for the design of libraries of schools of excellence. Defined by international parameters, the library should provide support to the institution’s mission and promote intercultural competence, while educating students to be well qualified in terms of their reading and research capabilities.

In addition to the above needs, security is a key element for the smoothness of the school routine. And finally, we care for a pleasing and sustainable architecture, for planning a sustainable school project in the 21st century is a duty of citizenship. A school with no excess, but charming, nevertheless, and that will call attention to its details. An environment that will allow one to imagine, to be moved, to dream and learn, that will refuse what is redundant, and help one escape conformity, for conformity hampers passion, and passion is a must-have feeling in a school.