Early Childhood Education Program
The early years of a child's life are fundamentally important. They are the foundation that shapes children's future growth, development and learning achievement not only at school but in the family and community as well. The basic personality is formed at this stage and children learn more quickly during these years than at any other stage in life. Children at this age are like sponges absorbing and learning about everything around them. They acquire this knowledge through their senses and learn best by experimentation, exploration and observation.

With this in mind, at Beacon we:
  • Nurture the child's imagination, curiosity and creativity in a loving supporting atmosphere;
  • Help the child develop the kindness, courtesy and self-discipline that will allow him to become a full member of society ;
  • Focus on strengthening language and the refinement of motor skills;
  • Encourage the development of a strong sense of independence, order and self-esteem;
  • Guide the child to observe, question and explore ideas independently through self-exploration and peer interactions;
  • Guide children to help themselves in a nurturing and prepared environment.

The environment plays a vital role in early childhood education as well. By providing an environment that meets children’s needs and supports the individual development, we allow optimal learning to occur. Developmentally appropriate activities that foster organization, concentration and develop fine and gross motor skills are accessible to the child, promoting their autonomy. Beacon, also considers its outdoor space fundamental.

In Early Childhood Education, the family-school partnership is essential and has considerable influence in the child’s developmental process, as he/she will feel safer when there is an alignment of values and attitudes in her surroundings. Therefore, we keep close contact with parents either by collective or individual meetings or by the daily contact with the families, as parents are welcome to accompany their child as they arrive and leave school.

With the principles and ideas described above regarding the child and infancy, Beacon School elaborates the Early Childhood Education program, structuring the learning expectation in six major areas of knowledge: Personal Identity and Autonomy, Oral and Written Languages, Science, Nature and Society, Mathematics, Arts: Visual Art, Music and Drama, and Body & Movement.