Educational Environment
An environment that encourages constructive collaboration and interactive learning.

At Beacon School, we aim to offer a developmentally appropriate environment, based on the belief that the school is a place of interaction therefore it should foster relationships. As students leave their classrooms, they meet their colleagues in the shared school facilities, such as the playground, the patio or the art room, enabling them to have several opportunities for interaction. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment that promotes the development of the child’s emotional, social, intellectual and physical skills.

Each space at Beacon School encompasses multiple resources and is open to the child as a discovery station. Our classrooms invite students to explore these resources either alone or in groups, with different learning centers for Reading, Math, Art, among others. The atelier is set up as a creativity lab where children can exercise their imagination; the playground has been conceived to challenge and develop motor skills and the library opens itself as a spaceship that allows the student to take-off into the world of literature. With no hierarchy, every school space has its importance as each offers several opportunities for students in this process of knowledge building.

In 2013, the opening of Beacon Elementary School enlarged the possibilities to the students in a school facility that was conceived through the integrated work of architects and the educational team, to address the needs of this child that is growing.

In the Early Year's site, the rooms are surrounded by external areas with an ample view of the trees that color the neighborhood.

It consists of the following spaces: seven large classrooms, an art room, a library, music and dance room, make-believe corner, cafeteria, two external playgrounds with resources that challenge gross motor skills, a wet corner, a math garden, the bunny house, a vegetable garden, a climbing wall and a small soccer field.

Nine classrooms make up the new Elementary School site that also includes an art room, a multimedia room with technological resources, the Oca room (for Portuguese language and Brazilian culture activities), a cafeteria, a music room, outdoor playgrounds and two sports courts and a multi-purpose roof court, besides a central gathering place designed for students to interact socially.